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Interior and Exterior Tank Coatings
Interior & Exterior Tank Coatings
Construction Machinery Paints
Construction Machinery Paints
Steel Structures Primers and Coatings
Steel Structure Primers & Coatings
Farm Machinery Paints
Farm Machinery Paints
Swimming Pool Paints and Coatings
Swimming Pool Paints & Coatings

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Paints - Sealers - Primers - Quick Dry Enamels
High Solid Enamels - Protective Coatings
Rust Preventatives - Thinners
CAPGARD Acrylic Enamel
High solids, VOC compliant, acrylic modified for very high gloss and abrasion resistance heavy duty enamel.
WELD ON Enamel
High gloss, heavy duty machine and equipment enamel.
CAPCOAT Quick Dry Enamel
High gloss, heavy duty, fast drying enamel.
Silicone Alkyd Enamel
Siliconized enamel for extended gloss, color and
durability in exterior exporsures.
Epoxy Finish & Primer
Two component epoxy / polyamide coating for ferrous & non-ferrous metals, masonry, tanks, etc., where resistance chemicals, abrasion and moisture required.
Hi Bild Coal Tar Epoxy
Two component, high solids coal tar / epoxy / polyamide
coating for tank interiors.
CAPTHANE C Urethane Enamel
Two component acrylic urethane coating for exterior exposure
in severe environments.
CAPTHANE HSP Hi Solids Urethane Enamel
High solids version of above for VOC compliance.
Baking Enamel
Heat cured enamels.
DTM Waterborne Acrylic Enamel
Acrylic waterborne enamel can be applied directly to properly prepared ferrous & non-ferrous metals.
Water Reducible Alkyd Enamel
Water soluble aklyd enamel for VOC compliance and
reducing organic emissions.
Clear Wood Lacquers & Sanding Sealers - Solvent & Waterborne
High gloss, heavy duty machine and equipment enamel.
Concrete Patch - Sandable
Two component
Acrylic Lacquer
Brushing Varnish & Sanding Sealer
Dry Fog Enamel & Primer
Extremely fast drying alkyd enamel. Dry overspray can be swept for easy cleaning fo work area.
Strippable Spray Booth Coating
Enamel Hardner Urethane (additive)
Solvents & Thinners
Steel and wood primers, Brushing and Spray applied, High Solids
and Conventional.
Swimming Pool Paints
Steel Structures Paint Council (SSPC)
Concrete Elastomeric Coatings
Federal Specification Coatings
(TT-P & TT-E)
Military Specification Coatings
Special Purpose Coatings
Customer Specific Coatings
Private Label Coatings

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