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Industrial Paints

Custom Color Matching
Durable Industrial Coatings
Quick Dry & Weld On Enamels
Premium Primers & Sealers

Capitol Paint Mfg. has been manufacturing coatings for a wide variety of industrial and residential applications in Oklahoma City since 1959.
Capitol Paint specializes in giving its customers good service at the best possible price. To keep costs low, Capitol Paint can provide JIT delivery of your product.
Capitol Paint offers coatings custom formulated to our customer's specific needs. All products can be manufactured to meet any environmental, application and color requirement.
Capitol Paint offers a complete line of Acrylics, Alkyd-Bake Dry Enamels, Urethanes, Rust Preventative coatings for virtually every application imaginable.
We hope you will allow us to tackle your industrial coating needs.
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